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Introducing The Shibaura Project

The Shibaura project in Tokyo is a large-scale development project undertaken by Nomura Real Estate Development. The project aims to create a new urban center in the Shibaura area of Tokyo, which is located on the waterfront between Tokyo Bay and the Tokyo Tower. The Shibaura project includes the development of residential, commercial, and office spaces, as well as public parks and other amenities. The centerpiece of the project is two approximately 230-meter-tall towers, which will be one of the tallest buildings in Tokyo when it is completed. Construction of Building S (Phase I) is scheduled to be completed in February 2025, and construction of Building N (Phase II) is scheduled to begin in 2027 and be completed on March, 2031.

The towers will feature a variety of uses, including office space, a luxury hotel, and a public observation deck with panoramic views of the city. The project also includes the development of a new transportation hub which will connect the area to other parts of Tokyo via trains, buses, and water taxis. 

Fairmont, a luxury hotel brand owned by Accor, is one of the largest hotel groups in Europe and will make its first appearance in Japan in this project. The brand has a strong reputation for providing high-end hospitality services and also known for their elegant design, and luxurious accommodations. The hotel will be situated on the upper floors of Building S, offering spectacular views of the Tokyo Bay and the Tokyo Tower. The Shibaura area is also well-connected to other parts of Tokyo via public transportation, making it easy for gests to explore the city.

“TOKYO WORKation” Proposal

Nomura Real Estate Development has also proposed the concept of “TOKYO WORKation” as part of the Shibaura project. This concept aims to create a new way of working that combines the benefits of a traditional office environment with the flexibility and convenience of remote work. Under the TOKYO WORKation concept, the Shibaura project will include a variety of flexible workspaces. These spaces will be designed to cater to the needs of a wide range of workers, a new way of working in the heart of the city with a sense of the sky, the sea, and greenery. The goal of the TOKYO WORKation concept is to create a more sustainable and enjoyable work-life balance for employees, while also promoting economic growth and innovation in the Shibaura area of Tokyo.

Source: 2022/05/23